Andel Physiotherapy Centre

Our healthcare facility remains open during the pandemic (despite the emergency state)

We have adopted precautionary measures to protect your health while still providing a full range of services
Your health and problems are taken care of by staff already vaccinated against Covid 19
We are responsible – all personnel only go to work with a clean bill of health
The physical therapy area and equipment are disinfected after each patient
We are flexible and we respect your attitude towards the COVID pandemic
We prefer distancing and movement without masks for children
Worry-free travel by car - parking lot within walking distance
Centrum fyzioterapie Anděl - Praha 5

Physiotherapy methods used

After the initial kinesiologic examination, we use:
  • Soft techniques
  • Post Isometric Relaxation
  • Mobilization of the spine, ribs and peripheral joints
  • McKenzie physical therapy
  • Spiral dynamics
  • Developmental kinesiology positions (Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization)
  • Vojta therapy
  • Mojzisova therapy
  • Motor and Sensory Stimulation
  • Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Faciliation (PNF)
  • Podiatric and podologic examination
  • Insoling – making tailor-made shoe insoles
  • Taping
  • Respiratory Rehabilitation
  • Stabilisation-focused therapeutic physical exercise with propriomeds
  • Stabilisation-focused stretching therapeutic physical exercise
  • SM system
  • Přijmeme fyzioterapeutku do našeho týmu - zjistit více..
    Ordinace k pronájmu 21 m2. V Praze 5, 100m od křižovatky Anděl zjistit více..


    Tel.: +420 720 035 235
    Štefánikova 229/ 5
    Andel crossroads
    Praha 5
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    A complex solution to your diagnosis

    • We pride ourselves on our complex approach to every patient
    • Detailed case history analysis before first treatment
    • We tailor physiotherapy to the needs of every individual patient

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    About us

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